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the presidents editorial

Dear ESF friends, partners and colleagues,

On behalf of the Board of Directors, may I wish to all of you a prosperous New Year, with health, wealth and happiness. 

Looking forward to 2019, we may consider that if 2018 was a year of challenges and change, we shall say that 2019 will be another year with more challenges. Following our activities, may I inform the sign industry that things are moving forward, and that the European Sign Federation is an active participant to those changes, and a leader to the majority of those initiatives.

Our goal to create a Code of Practice for sign makers, which eventually will consist the core for the first EN standard for the structural design and behavior of signage, is almost complete, and within the next few months, in partnership with the Greek Standardization Body (ELOT) the proposal will be put to the CEN board. The proposal alone, does not make it a success though.  The challenge is ours, to make this a success, since we must convince the markets and the people for the obvious… Indeed there are people, and disciplines that wish to keep the industry in the medieval age, however it is our task to raise our voices and make the change!

Further to the above, the ECONEON group, is moving forward, and we must admit that the work so far is beyond all expectations. The goal is set, and our experts are working towards the establishment of a system to record, register and manage the level of mercury within the Cold Cathode tubes, used for advertising and decorative purposes, operating at a voltage above 1000V. Even though the product is excluded from any ROHS directive, the European Sign Federation, acting proactively, will try to establish a communication channel with the relevant authorities, informing them about the industry and prove that we can do our best to protect the environment and health of the people. Soon, the ECONEON group, will be in position to communicate its actions to you, providing all the information concerning the subject.

Soon, we shall have the spring Board meeting in General Assembly in Porto, and looking forward seeing you there. Your participation is needed, and may I also add that the sign industry needs your engagement and active involvement to the projects and initiatives of ESF. 

Closing and borrowing a few words from a friend, may I say that if life has taught me anything, it’s that being an active member of the community is one of the greatest gifts!

Happy New Year to all of you!

Manos J. Korres

ESF President