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the presidents editorial

Dear friends, members and colleagues,

Summer has eventually arrived, and despite the weird weather around Europe, we are all getting to a summer mood, ready to leave behind our works, and head for the beaches!

Leaving back spring, we may all remember the hard work of the previous time, and the success so far, and keep progressing to the end of the year. 

For the industry though, the time does not stop, and the effort to solve the ongoing problems is continuous. Last week, in Brussels, the second meeting of the ECONEON group was conducted, and significant steps ahead have been planned. The system is being formed, and the various requirements are being recorded, in order to plan the next steps, carefully and effectively, ensuring the protection of the environment and the sustainability of the profession and the industry.

Closing, and following the latest disaster in Greece, which left almost 100dead,  I remember, that it is almost a year after the death of our beloved friend and colleague, Peter Tipton. This may remind to all of us, that those who go, are not forgotten, but they shall always remain in our memories, drive us to improve and eventually succeed in serving the common good and wealth of the humanity.

I wish all of you a great SUMMER! See you in Brussels October 5th 2018.

Manos J. Korres

ESF President