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the presidents editorial

Dear ESF friends and colleagues,

At the dawn of the new decade, may I wish you all a Happy New Year!

Looking back to the previous years, we have all seen ESF changing and facing more and more the challenges or our profession and the more and more demanding market trends. During the review of the last decade, for once more, it was confirmed that the success comes through work, or better say TEAM work! And at the end this is the spirit of ESF. The combined efforts of all those people that love their profession, and besides any personal interests, they wish to ease the work of their colleagues, and enlighten all those that feel obsessed by the difficulties of our job.

The last decade we had mixed feelings. We celebrated the 50th ESF anniversary in Berlin, but we also mourned for the loss of our beloved Peter Tipton. However both incidents, should remind us that we are parts of a moving engine, pieces of a living body, and even if some of us are lost in the way, during our time we must ensure that our actions and legacy stay there to remind the rest that they must keep moving and continue the journey, focused on the scope of ESF.

During the last years, the team, accomplished several important tasks. The creation and continuous evolution of the Code of Practice, the establishment of the ECONEON group, are just some of these actions, and we move forward to face even more challenges.

Now, together with our industry partner – FESPA – we create a stronger team and merge forces to face the common challenges of our industry, as well as inform the market about the true potential and beauty of our profession.

And as a fried always says – Lets remind the people, that we are the ones that give their buildings names, color and life!

All the best for 2020, a year of excellence and success!

Manos J. Korres

ESF President