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the presidents editorial

Dear friends, members and colleagues,

Following the spring General Assembly in Catania, I may thank you all for your participation and engagement to the future activities of the European Sign Federation. I may also thank our host, AIFIL, and the president Mr. Bonaventura for the successful organization. During the meetings, several topics where discussed however, we may focus on the following two.

The Mercury and NEON issue, which was amongst the biggest challenges we faced, and still remains one. As discussed the use of Mercury for HVLTDs, is not subject to any restrictions as ROHS, at the moment, excludes products that operate over 1000V. However, we must not rest, since the changes will come soon. So as planned, along with the industry suppliers, ESF shall operate the ECO NEON system. The ECO neon system, may have two parts, initially starting with the registration of glass shops and material suppliers around Europe, creating a registry of companies, operating under a protocol, which will be monitoring the consumption, handling and recycling of Mercury in NEON tubes. The second stage will involve further processes, however, even from the first stage we may address to the EU commission trying to further extend the use of the given products.  

The second issue was that of Light Pollution, as signs have been accused. A new project team, has been created, entitled to work on the given scheme, and will be entitled with the task to develop a guideline, for the members, with proper illumination techniques for the signs, including effective measurement methods for the light output. Further to this, this document will be delivered and communicated to local authorities, thus preventing any possible (very low) limitations to the light output.

Closing, I may refer to the forthcoming European Sign Expo, which is only a few days ahead. As informed from FESPA President – Christian Dykehards, the event will be another record-breaking show. The event is “sold out” with more exhibitors than ever before. 

Looking forward, seeing you at ESE Berlin, on May 15th 2018.

Manos J. Korres

ESF President