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the presidents editorial

September already and many are still on vacation. However August did pass and along with the summer vacation, brought some great news for the industry. This is no other than the official publication of the new standard in the series of EN 50107, the 3rd in a row, which includes significant information, guidelines and regulations for our industry.

EN50107-3, a product standard covering all luminous signs,  , operating below 1000V.  For the first time after almost 10years, a clear definition of sign and a clear distinguish from the luminaires is made. As it is stated in the notes :  Even if the physical execution of a particular luminous sign might qualify the luminous sign to meet the requirements of a luminaire according to EN 60598, the exclusion of general lighting, traffic and emergency related purpose is intended to avoid the requirements of EN 60598 which are impracticable and/or impossible to fulfill for most luminous signs. To cover the special safety problems related with luminous signs, the present product standard is intended.

This is an achievement of the ESF technical team, which fought for this differentiation and won! We as representatives of the industry, may congratulate the team, thank them and all the other people that worked towards that scope, and by implementing and enforcing this standard to our companies and operations, make sure that their work was worth.

A thorough presentation of the standard, will be made in Brussels during the next assembly, and we are looking forward to it.

See you all in Brussels in a few weeks!

Manos J. Korres

ESF President