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the presidents editorial

Dear Friends, members and colleagues,  

First of all, we hope that you and your families and business are in good health. 

For all of us in the family of ESF, 2020 started with high expectations, optimism and vision for the new year and our next steps.  Unfortunately, the unprecedented situation we have all been faced with during the last three months, has forced us to give up doing what we love most, working with you.

However we did not stop working for you! 

So far, Europe has adequately tackled the first phase of the health crisis, making us all very proud of what we have achieved together. From next month, several travel restrictions shall be lifted, so we are getting ready to gradually restore activities in the coming weeks and hopefully not months. 

Initially we plan to restart operations using remote meeting services, like web meetings and for those of you that already visited the ESF web site, you may have noticed a new “button” to the right , with the annotations ESF Forum. The ESF forum is the first step to re-connect with you and the sign network, giving us the ability to communicate in an efficient way, and exchange opinions for the subjects and challenges that we face as a community. In the beginning, the forum shall be restricted only for the members of the ESF council, however the next step will be to open the forum to all the sign community. 

As we adapt to a new way of working, the next step is to organize a web video-meeting or the council members in July. By no means though, the ESF forum, and any web meetings shall not substitute the ESF council and general assembly, which we hope to be able to organize and resume before the end of the year!

In conclusion, please be assured that we shall be constantly monitoring developments and learning step by step how to successfully and carefully progress to the next one. After all, this is what we have been doing for all these years, always guided by our values and having you, our network, as our main focus. 

We look forward getting together again, and on behalf of the board of directors

Thank you for your support. 

Manos J. Korres

ESF President